Participation and Dues
Participation and Dues - 2023/24

Officers are responsible for registering Intent to Participate each school year.

To do so, a club officer must provide contact details for the department director for the university department they are affiliated with, such as recreation or student life.

The officer must also nominate the dues option for the year.

Requirements for Members Clubs
DUES PAYMENT DEADLINE without penalty-October 1.

New Members clubs are allowed an initial year with no dues payment.

Beginning June 15, clubs will have the opportunity to elect one of the below options
for dues. Changes can be made at the beginning of each academic school year.

**This info is for the 2023/2024 season only. It will be updated with 2024/2025 season in June**
Dues Cross Country Regionals Cross Country Nationals Track and Field Nationals Half Marathon Nationals
Option 1 $400 $30/athlete $30/athlete $30/athlete $55/athlete
Option 2* $900 $30 or $15/athlete* $30/athlete $30 or $15/athlete* $55/athlete
Option 3 $1400 $15/athlete $30/athlete $15/athlete $55/athlete

*Option 2 can choose $15 entry for EITHER Cross Regionals OR Track & Field Nats

Questions? Contact Membership Director
Need an W-9 form? Download it here
Haven't received your invoice? Contact Finance Director,