Race Hosting

Want to host a meet? NIRCA Race Management has put together this simple guide for successful meet implementation.

1Date Selection

The dates of meets in the Fall Race Series require approval by NIRCA Race Management, in order to maximise clubs' opportunities in their region throughout the season. Let us know some details and your event date will be confirmed by NIRCA Race Management (filling out this form does not guarantee your date). Be sure you have a backup date, in the case there are other clubs that have races on your preferred date. Date selection is first-come, first-served.

Pick a race date

2Event Planning

Continue to plan your event. NIRCA Race Management has created a race planning checklist to help you get everything ready. We also have a sample budget, if that helps you target what sort of costs you will need to cover. If you are new to race planning, we can give you more personalized guidance, just ask!

3Apply for Sanction

To ensure your sanction, your meet must meet some basic criteria. Fill out the race sanction application. Make sure you check the Race Sanction Guidelines to ensure your race can be sanctioned! Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and you will receive an email confirmation of your sanction status within five business days. When your sanction is approved, it will be noted as part of the Fall Race Series on clubrunning.org.

4Promote your event!

Once your race is sanctioned, it will go up on clubrunning.org as part of the Race Series. As part of the Season, you will be provided access to an editable page to update information to publish about your event. We can also support you by marketing and publicizing your event. We can get the word out via the NIRCA Facebook Page, Twitter, and by contacting clubs directly.

5Watch the Entries Roll In!

Clubs will register at clubrunning.org for sanctioned races in the Fall Race Series. As the race director, you will have access to review current registrant lists in real time. Be sure to nominate when your registrations will close, or allow them up until the morning of the event.


Hold your meet, and good luck! If you need anything on race day or just before, as always, feel free to let us know. We fret over each and every event just like you do!


Email your event race results to within 24 hours of your race finish so they can be published on clubrunning.org.

If you have any questions about this process, please check the Frequently Asked Questions. If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, email directly.