Update 4/12/21

The NIRCA Fall 2021 National Championship is (tentatively) on!

Based on the current info available, we are thrilled to announce that Fall XC Nationals is planned for November 6th, 2021 in Shelbyville, IN. These plans are subject to change as new information emerges, so keep checking here for immediate updates as they are available.

2016 NIRCA Track & Field National Championships
2016 NIRCA Track & Field National Championships
April 8-9, 2016
Hosted by NIRCA

18:00 Women's 5,000m Final
18:50 Men's 5,000m Final
11:00 Women's 100m Hurdles Prelims
11:10 Men's 110m Hurdles Prelims
11:20 Women's 100m Prelims
11:30 Men's 100m Prelims
11:50 Women's 4x800m relay Final
12:05 Men's 4x800m relay Final
12:30 Women's 100m Hurdles Final
12:35 Men's 110m Hurdles Final
12:55 Women's 400m Hurdles Final
13:05 Men's 400m Hurdles Final
13:15 Women's 100m Final
13:20 Men's 100m Final
13:30 Women's 1500m Final
14:40 Men's 1500m Final
15:30 Women's 400m Final
15:45 Men's 400m Final
16:10 Women's 4x100m relay Final
16:20 Men's 4x100m relay Final
16:30 Women's 800m Final
16:50 Men's 800m Final
17:40 Women's 200m Final
18:00 Men's 200m Final
18:35 Women's 3,000m Steeplechase Final
18:55 Men's 3,000m Steeplechase Final
19:25 Women's 4x400m relay Final
19:45 Men's 4x400m relay Final
11:00 Women's Shot Put Final
11:00 Women's Triple Jump Final
12:00 Men's Triple Jump Final
12:00 Women's High Jump Final
12:30 Men's Shot Put Final
13:45 Women's Long Jump Final
13:45 Men's High Jump Final
14:15 Women's Discus Final
14:30 Men's Long Jump Final
15:15 Men's Discus Final