Get Involved: Help Develop NIRCA Diversity, Competition, and Alumni Programming

June 9th, 2020

We've been listening and learning. We have a responsibility to ensure that our members feel welcome and heard within our organization, as members of our clubs, and members of the running community.

Your voices are important to us, and we'd appreciate your help in shaping NIRCA. Following discussions from Winter Conference and within our executive board, we're forming three subcommittees to gain insight into how we can better serve ALL of our members:
1. Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee
How can NIRCA and our member clubs foster a welcoming environment for BIPOC and other minority groups? We can all learn to be better.
2. Fall Nationals Qualification Standards Subcommittee
This topic was discussed at WC 2020. Let's explore your ideas and evaluate how best to address this.
3. Alumni Programming Subcommittee
After our members graduate, we don't want to lose touch. What can NIRCA do to keep our alumni network engaged? Insight from current alumni would be appreciated.
Want to know more? Full details can be found here.
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Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA