Update 6/12/21

The NIRCA Fall 2021 National Championship is (tentatively) on!

We are thrilled to announce that Fall XC Nationals is planned for November 6th, 2021 in Shelbyville, IN. These plans are subject to change as new information emerges, so keep checking here for immediate updates as they are available.

For the Fall 2021 season, Nationals eligibility criteria for club and individual participation will be waived. NIRCA fall season meets will all be considered Non-Qualifiers.

Regionals: tentatively planned, all dates TBD. Fall season: clubs hosting meets should submit their races for the NIRCA event calendar as soon as their events are confirmed.

NIRCA Spring Nationals - Coronavirus Update

March 11th, 2020 (Updated: Mar 12th)

All of the latest info on Spring Nationals and the Coronavirus can be found here.

3/12/20 -- 8pm PST:

NIRCA Spring Nationals has been cancelled.

With travel bans, universities limiting in-person classes, and the university where we're hosting recommending postponing or cancelling non-essential events -- among many other factors --  it is our regret to announce the cancellation of the 2020 NIRCA Spring National Championships.


This was not a decision made easily. NIRCA follows the standard guidance from the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Miami University of Ohio, and Miami University of Ohio Athletics. Our team has been monitoring this situation for weeks, and with the latest news, we do not anticipate that the situation will improve or be optimal for competition by our planned date.


While disappointing to our clubs, we are equally devastated by this outcome. For us at NIRCA, the most important thing is the safety and health of our member clubs and athletes - this being a tough choice to make to prove that we're living our number one value.


At this point, our best hope is to gather in Oxford for Spring 2021. The season may be ending on this low note, but it doesn't detract from the work our teams have put into developing their clubs and fitness for this year. Athletes, be proud of what you have accomplished, be well, and we'll look forward to seeing you in the fall!


For more info, see the FAQ section here.


To health,

The NIRCA Team



3/11/20 -- 3pm PST:

NIRCA Spring Nationals is going forward as planned.

Currently, in the state of Ohio:

    • - The governor has declared a state of emergency in the state of Ohio due to 3 confirmed cases of the virus.

    • - All public universities (that I know of) in Ohio have suspended in-person classroom instruction on campus until at least the beginning of/mid- April.

    • - Most universities have cancelled or are strongly recommending that work-related and school-sponsored travel be cancelled.

    • - Miami University of Ohio has recommended that non-essential events (within which our event belongs) be cancelled or postponed.

The NIRCA Race Management team is monitoring day-by-day to determine if Spring Nationals should continue as planned, while weighing out the anticipated risks.
The guidance for the event go-forward plan comes from the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Miami University of Ohio, and MU of Ohio Athletics. The NIRCA team is monitoring all of these agencies the determine and adopt the criteria under which the event would/could be cancelled.
  • - For Club Officers, more info is available on Facebook

  • - If any major changes occur with the event, they will be sent to club officers via email and posted on the NIRCA Officer Facebook group as well as the NIRCA Facebook Page.

  • - Parents, supporters, and spectators can check back here at clubrunning.org for regular updates as they are available.
Please note that email volue is anticipated to be high during this period, so the website and Facebook are the recommended sources of information.
Thank you all for being able to see the difficult position this puts us in as event organizers, for doing what's best for the health of you & your club, and for your ongoing support of NIRCA & club running!

Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA

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