Submission Process for Hosting Qualifier Meets

May 13th, 2018

Does your club wish to host a Qualifying cross country meet this fall?

NIRCA’s mission is to foster and maximize competition opportunities for athletes, and create fair and legitimate competition among clubs. The Qualifier criteria and submission process helps ensure everyone wins.

Participating in a Qualifying meet is one of the individual requirements for attending XC Nationals*. With so many clubs hosting Qualifying meets, we saw date conflicts and impact on attendance for all. The submission process creates more Qualifying racing opportunities for all clubs and maximizes attendance at the meet you’re hosting = more ways to get to Nats.
*The exception to this rule is clubs that lie in the Heartland Region, where participation in at least one other fall meet or Regionals is strongly encouraged but not required.

To achieve Qualifier status and be a part of the best solution for all clubs around yours, clubs must be flexible and collaborate with us (NIRCA) on event dates. Let's work together!

Clubs wishing to achieve Qualifier status for their meet.
Non-Qualifiers: This does not apply to you. Your event will be posted on the NIRCA Event Schedule without date review upon completing the submission form.

  1. Submit the race host form to apply to be a Qualifier.
    Provide two feasible, possible dates. This usually means checking course availability.
  2. We’ll confirm your date.
    The NIRCA Race Management team will review all dates provided by clubs & approve your submission within 10 business days after the deadlines below. You will receive a confirmation email that your event date has been added to the NIRCA calendar with your approved date.
  3. Proceed with planning.
    We support you by hosting registration and results on our site (due within 2 days post-event).
DEADLINES: If your meet will take place in…
Event Month
Complete this Form By:
June 1
July 1
August 1
Note: After these dates, Qualifying status will
be provided on an as-available basis.

As race directors, we recognize the dedication and challenges involved with planning an event and appreciate your partnership & flexibility as you help advance club running!
If you'd like to achieve Qualifier status for your fall meet, fill out the submission form by the deadlines outlined above.

Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA