Update 6/12/21

The NIRCA Fall 2021 National Championship is (tentatively) on!

We are thrilled to announce that Fall XC Nationals is planned for November 6th, 2021 in Shelbyville, IN. These plans are subject to change as new information emerges, so keep checking here for immediate updates as they are available.

For the Fall 2021 season, Nationals eligibility criteria for club and individual participation will be waived. NIRCA fall season meets will all be considered Non-Qualifiers.

Regionals: tentatively planned, all dates TBD. Fall season: clubs hosting meets should submit their races for the NIRCA event calendar as soon as their events are confirmed.

Spring Nationals: Eligibility Forms Required by April 7

March 11th, 2017

Reminder - download, get verified, and submit your eligibility forms to NIRCA before April 7

Eligibility Forms must be submitted each season/semester to verify the academic eligibility of the student athlete and their standing with the university/club. For 2017 Spring Nats, these forms must be mailed by your university registrar or provided in-person at team check-in at the event.

All athletes MUST be verified by eligibility forms prior to Spring Nats or will be considered ineligible to compete. Competition without eligibility verification could result in individual and team disqualification from the event.

The eligibility form can be found in the Races > Eligibility section on clubrunning.org


Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA

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