Earn Awesome NIRCA Gear - Apply to Be A Regional Coordinator!

April 20th, 2020

NIRCA is seeking past and current NIRCA club members who want to take an active role in the organization!

Do you have an interest or prior experience in event management Are you organized and passionate about club running?
If you've ever thought wondered, "How can I get more involved in NIRCA?" or "How do I get one of those awesome NIRCA jackets?"  then here's your opportunity.

We're looking for some quality individuals to join our Race Management team. You'll have responsibility & authority over all Regionals meet logistics, but don't worry about getting thrown into the deep end of the pool -- You'll be partnered with a NIRCA Regionals partner/mentor along the way.

We also have openings for those who are interested in joining the NIRCA team as a Race Coordinator directly in support of Spring Track & Field Nationals.

As always, NIRCA Directors & staffers are 100% volunteer. We're driven on passion for the sport & our desire to give back to the club running community! 


Due dates (rolling):

- February 15

- May 15

- August 15

- December 15


Read the full role description & how to apply here.


Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA

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