Winter Conference 2017 to be Held in Boston, MA

December 22nd, 2016 (Updated: Dec 30th)

On January 14-15, 2017, NIRCA club officers and members are invited to join NIRCA in Boston, MA for Winter Conference.

Winter Conference is a NIRCA event where athletes can come to learn, discuss, break out, and network with other runners. Your feedback at Winter Conference is a critical factor in the decision-making that shapes the future of NIRCA.
Make your mark and share your ideas and opinions in a smaller group setting -- club officers and general club members are invited to attend. This is NIRCA's only non-running event all year.
Event Host: NIRCA 
Cost: FREE! Your club dues go toward the production of this all-club event.

Weigh in on items like:
  1. XC Regionals/Nationals - the growing size of races and what this means
  2. How Tos - maximizing club budget, organizing the club, & retaining members.
  3. Your ideas - any and all that would help streamline NIRCA, grow membership, or improve NIRCA events


Stephanie Bartley, NIRCA