Partners and Sponsors

The National Intercollegiate Running Club Association is always seeking to advance collegiate club running, and the support of organizations and businesses that share NIRCA's passion plays a large part in that effort.

Both association-wide partners and sponsors of individual events such as the National Cross Country Championships can develop customized agreements with NIRCA - these can include traditional advertising and marketing as well as varied and creative promotional ideas. NIRCA's continued participation growth and expansion ensure that the ways to connect with collegiate clubs are always increasing as well.

NIRCA Partners

Organizations wishing to align with NIRCA can become a partner of the association, and reach collegiate club runners across the United States in customized ways. NIRCA partners also receive recognition as an event sponsor at NIRCA National Championships.

NIRCA Event Sponsors

Both local and national companies may have interest in becoming a NIRCA event sponsor. The scope of these partnerships can include a local club race or event, a series of multiple events, or a NIRCA National Championship (often a whole weekend of activities).

For inquiries on NIRCA partnership, please contact Greg Haapaala, Sponsorship Director

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